We’ve all heard horror stories about how online use can lead to dangerous and risky situations for children. The truth is, our world is becoming more and more dependent on the internet for education, resources and interaction.

Is it possible for your kids to consistently use the internet and stay safe?

We just posted an episode of “Tips for Life TV” that will show you a few simple ways you can get peace of mind when it comes to your family’s online activity.

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The lake  on the Christmas tree farm  is not only beautiful to look at but the hundreds of geese that land here each day enjoy  a bit of rest time before moving on to the South later this fall.  A  pair of Trumpter Swans with their young one they were carefully guarding also makes frequent  visits.



Does your decor need a little rejuvenation?

Redecorating can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re unsure of where to start or if you’ve got a limited budget. However, behavioral studies suggest that our environments have the power to improve our moods and quality of life.

We just posted an episode of “Tips For Life TV” that will show you how some simple changes can add big value without big cost.

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Living and working on a Christmas tree farm can have benefits.  Right at the top of my list is getting everything ready for the holiday season when the fall colors are spectacular.  The Christmas trees look so fresh and deep green with a background of oak, maple and birch trees with their multi hues of russet, red and yellow leaves.



It takes hours and hours to put all the price tags on all the Christmas trees in the fields but it is very enjoyable when done with grandchildren.  We get to share our lives and stories together and they appreciate adding a little extra cash to their private stash.

Life gets chaotic. With active families, meal times seem to get less and less meaningful. But did you know that children are given a better chance of having healthy eating habits simply by having family meal times on a regular basis?

We just posted an episode of “Tips for Life TV” giving some great tips on keeping this tradition a priority in your family.

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One of the big plusses of growing acres of Christmas trees is that it provides great habitat for song birds–habitat they wouldn’t have if this farm were in row crops. During the late summer and early fall when we are continuing with out field work, especially among the Balsam Firs, it is always such a joy to see the Cedar Waxwings leave the nest.


Sure wish the rain gauge would have at least an inch of water in it every week during the growing season. Not having enough natural watering can take quite a toll on all growing things. You might have noticed that many large evergreens along the roadsides and in some of the public parks and yards look quite stressed. Much of that is due to not enough water.


This was a first-ever job here at the tree farm. Two grandchildren of just the right size helped us clean out all the needle debris beneath the barn deck. Thank goodness we don’t have to do this every season… but it was in the shade, didn’t take too long and they were paid well!


Not everything we do on this Christmas tree farm is work–the lake was a bit too “icky” for cooling off so a big tank we use for storing trees during spring work made a fun play tub. I bet these grandkids won’t like to see this picture when they get older!

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